A Note On Sizing...

Is there anything more loaded than sizing for women's clothing? We've all experienced the frustration of ordering a new pair of jeans in the same model and size as the pair you're wearing - only to find that the new ones don't fit! Or experienced the ego ding when a favorite designer suddenly begins cutting his patterns a good size smaller (looking at you, Michael Kors!). 

We are, unfortunately, not immune to this. As a retail shop we carry a variety of brands from different manufacturers. Some of them employ vanity sizing so you'll always want to size down. Some of them size with the 1X, 2X, etc. convention but it's not the same as a 2X you'd pick up from Torrid. No doubt you've seen the many infographics and articles on how sizing differs by designer, and often times differs even within a designer's own line. This is A THING, and we've all encountered it. 

So, what to do? Well, if you're shopping here for plus-size clothing, know that each plus-size item that we sell is tried on by an actual plus-size woman! In this case, our owner, April. She personally tries on each item that comes in and gives sizing notes that we include with the item description. We haven't quite convinced her yet to make her exact measurements available to you all, but we're working on it. In the meantime, we do also show items on a 14/16 dress form whose measurements we ARE allowed to post, so please refer to them when shopping. 

If you're shopping here for S, M, L, or XL sizes then a real live fit session doesn't happen for every item, but we do update listings when we get sizing feedback from customers. We also have a size 2/4 dress form with measurements provided that you can consult.

Your number one key to online shopping success, no matter your size, is to know your measurements! Take the time to have a friend come over and help you out, then jot them down and keep them someplace you can easily reference when shopping online. At the minimum, you should know your bust size; and we don't recommend you use the bra size you're wearing because there's a very good chance you're currently wearing the wrong size! We can't recommend the ladies over at A Bra That Fits enough - do visit and get yourself fitted; it will change your life!

Know what fabrics work for you - Garner Style has a great post with tips. Identifying your body shape can help you to know what cuts will flatter the most. 

And finally, we're here to help! We want you to find something you love and feel beautiful in.