About m+p

Hi! I'm April, and I own mockingbird + poppy. I'm a crazy dog lady, a clothes lover who will never ever get through all of her laundry pile, and a native Texan. I've been just about all the sizes in my life, and I'm very familiar with the struggle to find cute, modern, stylish clothes in plus sizes. I also know how un-fun it is to not be able to shop with your best girlfriends because you either have to shop in a completely different store, or can shop in one small section 3 floors away in the mega department store. I couldn't find a store that consistently stocked fresh, modern plus-size looks that were cute, unique, and office appropriate - and that didn't require a strapless bra! So naturally, I started one myself.  

I founded the boutique in 2016 with the mission to sell clothes that made you feel amazing, confident, and beautiful - and in a setting where no size was excluded. [Currently it's tough to find manufacturers that sell in sizes 4x or above - but we're working on it!] 

This is a labor of love, and we're a small operation, but we provide luxury-level customer service. Each order is shipped wrapped in a bow and protected from the elements. If you're ever unsure what size is best for you, or what you should wear that top with, please get in touch - we love talking clothes, and we love to help! If you can't put an outfit together to save your life, we'll help. You'll find a warm supportive community of women just like yourself in our VIP Group, and they can help too!

The boutique name is representative of me. The Texas state bird is a mockingbird, and the California state flower is a poppy. I spent most of my life in Texas, and thought I'd never leave - but then I met California. I have two loves, and two homes, so it seemed fitting to honor them both. Logo design was done by Conkberry - an amazingly talented designer you should contact if you ever need graphic art!