Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

October 29, 2016

And the glam items you need for it are here! We're super excited about the new items in store. There's faux fur, sparkle, and bright colors guaranteed to ward off winter doldrums. 

My personal favorites are the Arabella Wrap and the Gatsby Bracelet. The wrap is so luxurious with fur lining the neck, sleeves, and front. The wrap itself is sweater-like and there's arm holes which gives it structure and makes the wrap feel more cardigan like. I adore it, and am not so patiently waiting for the temps to drop so I can justify wearing it every day! 

The Gatsby bracelet I love for the colors and the textured materials. There's sparkle and a fun tassel too. I'm really impressed with the clasp - it's magnetic so I have no problem getting it on without assistance, and it stays on. The cuff style is perfect with just about any outfit - in fact, I think I'll wear it to my birthday dinner tonight!

I'm also loving the Laura scarf - the colors are so beautiful. The blanket size is perfect for keeping at the office as a shawl, or accenting a favorite dress. The Brooklyn bag is another great choice - the patent and fur combo is great for any outfit. I love that you get the faux fur look but don't have to fret about where you might put the bag down - the patent keeps it safe.

I'd love to hear what you think about the winter collection, and if there are items you'd like us to add to the shop. Thank you for your continued support!

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